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Those interested in purchasing Beyond Words: Writing Poems with Children by Judith Steinbergh and Elizabeth McKim, may contact, or order by mailing your name, address, and e-mail, with a check made to Judith Steinbergh for $25, and mail to 16 Harris Street, Brookline, MA 02446.

Poetry books: Writing My Will,      Motherwriter, and      A Living Anytime may also be ordered at the above address. Each book is $15 which includes mailing.

We offer books and recordings of poetry, poetry instruction, and songs for the whole family celebrating diverse cultural expression.

Proceeds from purchase of these items help to support Troubadour, Inc.’s educational programs.

Talking Stone Press® was established by educators, writers, and teaching artists to help promote a richer understanding of Language Arts through poetry, music, song, and story while supporting the appreciation of diverse cultural expression.

All items in this catalog are published by Talking Stone Press ® unless otherwise noted.

  1. Where I Come From! Songs and Poems from Many Cultures ()
    1. Every Town ()
    2. The People on Earth (Audio, Single Song)
  2. Reading and Writing Poetry with Teenagers ()
  3. Beyond Words: Writing Poems with Children ()
  4. Reading and Writing Poetry: A Guide for Teachers Grades K-4 ()
  5. Fenway Park ()
  6. 4 Song Recordings with Sheet Music from Get Ready for Boston (, Buy all 4 songs and sheet music together, or buy each individually:
  7. Itty-Bitty Songs for Itty-Bitty Folks ()

Buy all 17 songs as part of an album, or buy songs individually:



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