Writers’ Residencies

Excitement builds as their lyrics come together. What will it sound like when we sing it?

Excitement builds as their lyrics come together.
What will it sound like when we sing it?

Creative Arts and Enrichment Program
Our Writers’ Residencies bring professional writers and musicians, who are also gifted teachers, into classrooms to engage students in the creative writing process.

Residencies span a period of several weeks or months, enough time for students to explore a variety of literary genres and writing activities. Our FAQ.

Unlike many educational interventions that focus on either teachers or students, Troubadour addresses both student learning in a particular area and provides professional development to teachers to enhance their content knowledge of the subject matter and ensure that they have the confidence and pedagogical skills to teach students the new skills.

Students acquire new content and expand their knowledge in existing areas, and teachers develop a toolbox for sustaining knowledge in those areas and help make learning fun.

Classroom Connections
Writers’ Residencies align with the classroom curriculum.

Our curriculum modules align with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks in English Language Arts and selected parts of the Social Studies and Arts Frameworks. We work closely with teachers and principals and serve all students including English Language Learners and Special Education students.

Our Teaching Artists draw on academic subjects, cultural diversity and students’ personal experiences as themes for creative self-expression. Activities promote a love of language and inspire children to express their ideas, feelings and concerns with care and eloquence. And each lesson demonstrates strategies that teachers can use in the future.

Example activities.

To learn more or to plan a Residency, please request a quote.

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