School Partnerships

Emerging WritersTroubadour’s mission is to improve student literacy and academic achievement in Massachusetts schools and community organizations through poetry, song lyrics and prose. We empower teachers with dynamic strategies to strengthen instructional practice in the literary arts.

School Partnerships engage students of diverse backgrounds and abilities.
The ability to read, comprehend, write and communicate is fundamental to all other learning. Our most at-risk children must master these skills if they are to reach their full potential and compete successfully in the 21st century economy. The challenge is to motivate and empower students of diverse backgrounds and abilities, including those who are not native English speakers. Our program engages all children, helps them build critical language skills and empowers them to express their ideas, feelings and concerns with care and eloquence.

Victor Cockburn at City Year2Teachers receive comprehensive support as they learn.
Teachers face increasing demands to close the academic achievement gap. Our in-depth School Partnerships show teachers how to engage all students, including English Language Learners and those with differing abilities, using a range of innovative teaching tools and strategies. Troubadour’s Teaching Artists support teachers as they integrate our methods into their own teaching practice.

We model a wide range of techniques and activities related to the Literary and Musical Arts that align with the classroom curriculum across all grade levels. Our Teaching Artists draw on academic subjects, diverse cultures and students’ personal experiences as themes for creative self-expression.Teaching Artists become an integral part of the school community.

Our Teaching Artists work closely with teachers, specialists and administrators to address specific school and classroom needs and objectives. Our School Partnerships span a multi-year arc in order to build relationships and trust, and to develop capacity in the teaching of a variety of genres, topics, techniques and strategies.

We take a multi-faceted approach to engaging students.
We structure our classroom lessons to model for teachers a wide range of English Language Arts techniques that engage and guide all students.

Specifically, we:

  • Practice strategies that help students comprehend text and infer meaning
  • Encourage students to think, consider and express their opinions
  • Introduce new vocabulary and a wide range of literary techniques
  • Offer many opportunities for students to write, revise and share their work
  • Invite children to read aloud, sing, act out and illustrate poetry, song lyrics and prose
  • Expand horizons and nurture imaginations by exploring new cultures, concepts and experiences

To learn more or to plan a School Partnership, please contact us or request a quote.

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