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DeCoteau-091208-0069For over thirty years, our experienced Teaching Artists have worked with thousands of grades PreK-8 students and their teachers in more than 50 urban, suburban and rural Massachusetts communities. We adapt our writing program to address the specific needs and objectives of Regular and Extended Learning Classroom Time, and of After-School and Pre-School programs.

Our programs align with the PreK-8 Common Core Curriculum to engage students in:


Literacy Skills
Supporting listening comprehension, analysis, and interpretation skills.

Program example: For a unit on the Civil Rights Movement, secondary students write poems and prose to learn how language is used for different purposes and audiences, e.g., creative expression, description, explanation, and persuasion.


Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving
Supporting inference, analysis, and evaluation of big ideas.

Program example: For a unit on the American Revolution, elementary students write ballads about the driving force for change, taxation without representation, which led the Patriots to throw tea into Boston Harbor.


Supporting the writing process: identify a topic, research and explore options, develop original ideas, get feedback, revise, refine, and perform.

Program example: For a unit on Langston Hughes, elementary and secondary students investigate connections between Blues music and Hughes’ Blues poems and the Harlem Renaissance period in history. Additionally, they write letters to the poet as well as original poems that relate to Hughes’ themes and techniques.


Social and Cross-Cultural Competencies
Working with curriculum content and real world problems, drawing on the different cultures and perspectives of students to develop innovative and creative solutions.

Program example: For a unit on Traditions and Cultures, elementary students discover and celebrate diversity, while connecting to classmates through poetry writing and singing exercises drawn from Troubadour’s audio CD and curriculum, Where I Come From! Songs and Poems from Many Cultures.



Communication Presenting exhibitions and performances of student products.

Program example: Stage an Emerging Writers Festival, at which students display and perform poetry, prose, and songs created during a Troubadour Writers’ Residency. Students use technology to record and share writing and songs..


Working with students to leverage the intelligence of groups and multiple perspectives.

Program example: For a unit on New England Animals, elementary students co-write a persuasive song from the animals’ perspectives, synthesizing information they are learning about animals’ habitats, food sources, predators, and adaptations.


To learn more or to schedule a program for your school, day care, or after-school program, please request a quote.

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