Seeking a Few Strong Board Members

Interested in joining the Board of a non-profit that nurtures the intellectual and creative development of young people through arts education?

Then, please consider joining Trouabdour’s Board of Directors.

Troubadour’s Board of Directors is a collegial team composed of dedicated educators, business professionals, and artists who provide a broad foundation of collective experience, guidance and support for Troubadour and arts education.

Members of the Board of Directors serve as leaders, planners, stewards, fundraisers and partners.

The Board meets at least two times annually to set goals and priorities for the organization, review the budget, and assess program quality and effectiveness. Committees of the board meet as needed throughout the year to work on specific programs, fundraising and strategic planning.

Your responsibilities would include:

  • Advocate for Troubadour.
  • Stay informed.
  • Fundraise.
  • Visit at least one school to witness a Troubadour program in action, talk to artists, teachers, the principal, and students to better understand the program.
  • Attend board meetings.

Serving on the Board of Directors of Troubadour, Inc. should be a mutually beneficial partnership between individual board members and the organization as well as bring personal fulfillment to members knowing that their creativity and contributions to the organization help create positive social change through the use of arts in education.

In turn, the organization would be responsible to you in several ways, including:

  • Refreshments at board meetings where you would discuss with the Executive Director and the Board President the programs, goals, activities, and status of the organization.
  • Receiving regular  financial reports and an update of organizational activities to inform your participation.
  • Keeping you informed about issues in the field as well as offering you opportunities for professional development as a Board Member.

If you’re interested in joining Troubadour’s Board of Directors, welcome and thank you!

Please contact:
Victor Cockburn, Executive Director

Troubadour, Inc. – Giving Wings to Words
126 Payson Road Chestnut Hill, MA 02467
Tel: 617.327.8965

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