The Teaching Artist acts as role model and coach.

The Teaching Artist acts as role model and coach.

Troubadour improves student literacy & academic achievement in Massachusetts schools and community organizations through arts-integrated instruction. We empower their teachers with dynamic instructional strategies in the literary arts.

Troubadour brings highly qualified Teaching Artists into classrooms to work with students and demonstrate for teachers how to integrate literature, writing and music into the academic curriculum.

Our program:

  • Improves students’ reading, writing and other academic skills while nurturing their creativity and helping them develop critical thinking, problem-solving and collaborative skills.
  • Builds teachers’ skills, knowledge and confidence in using our innovative program strategies, techniques and activities in their classrooms.
Creative writing inspires critical thinking and concentration.

Creative writing inspires critical thinking and concentration.

Through our many partnerships in Dorchester, Norwood, and more than 50 other school districts in Eastern Massachusetts, we have learned how to engage students in the writing process, gain the trust and support of school administrators and staff, and engender a willingness among teachers to follow through on lessons we introduce.

Our curriculum modules align with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks in English Language Arts and selected parts of the Social Studies and Arts Frameworks. We work closely with teachers and principals and serve all students including English Language Learners and Special Education students.

We give under-served students increased opportunities to create, display and perform poetry, prose and song, building critical language skills and empowering them to express their ideas, feelings and concerns with care and eloquence.




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