Troubadour brings highly qualified Teaching Artists into classrooms to work with students and demonstrate for teachers how to integrate literature, writing and music into the academic curriculum.

Our model is unique among MA literacy programs in:

  • its use of music, culture, poetry and prose to engage children in learning,
  • its dual focus on direct services to students and capacity-building for teachers,
  • its ability to be adapted and customized to meet specific school-wide, grade-level and classroom needs,
  • its establishment of multi-year partnerships to provide sufficient time for teachers to learn and incorporate our curriculum into their daily practice.
Having fun while learning creates a more effective learning environment.

Having fun while learning creates a more effective learning environment.

Troubadour Teaching Artists model teaching poetry and song writing for teachers. In short, students acquire new content and expand their knowledge in existing areas, and teachers develop a toolbox for sustaining knowledge in those areas and help make learning fun.

Troubadour uses both the Collaborative Coaching and Learning Model (CCL) and Partnership Teaching—two proven models—to design professional development trainings delivered as stand-alone sessions and integrated sessions.

We improve students’ reading, writing and other academic skills while nurturing their creativity and helping them develop critical thinking, problem-solving and collaborative skills.

“Troubadour was an absolutely amazing experience for my students. The teaching artists did a phenomenal job getting them ready for the personal narrative and poetry pieces of the MCAS. The growth that my students made over the six-week program with Troubadour is unlike any I’ve ever seen.” – Laura McDaniel, Teacher, Grade 4, Seven Hills Charter Public School (K-8), Worcester

“Troubadour makes learning fun. And thereby encourages youngsters to try something
new. Troubadour, with its no right or wrong approach to writing, lets youngsters know
that we are all lifelong learners.” – Anonymous Teacher

“My youngsters thoroughly enjoyed and academically benefitted from Troubadour’s fun,
active approach to learning.”- Anonymous Teacher


Emerging Writers
View video of our students talking about and reading their work.


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