• Troubadour in the Classroom

    … aligns with the Pre-K to 8 Common Core Curriculum

  • Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving

    Supporting inference, analysis, and evaluation of big ideas.

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After thirty-six years of presenting literacy through the arts programs in schools, the co-founders, and the Board of Directors feel that the time is right for Troubadour, Inc. to close the doors and gracefully take our bows at the end of June 2016. Read more.

We are deeply grateful for the generous support and contributions from hundreds of individuals over the years, and the grant support from dozens of private and public foundations. This belief in our mission has allowed us to sustain a strong and viable arts organization over these many years. We have been able to present our unique and critically acclaimed Literacy through Writing and Song programs in hundreds of schools in Massachusetts and other New England states, many of which were located in impoverished and under-served communities. THANK YOU.

To the many hundreds of individuals who have consistently supported us throughout our organizational existence with your generous contributions, we THANK YOU for your trust and belief in the value of our work. Your generosity allowed us to impact directly thousands of students and their teachers. You have helped us give them wings to their words.

To all of the wonderful artists, musicians, poets, storytellers, dancers, singers, and others with whom we have had the great honor to work, THANK YOU for your friendship, support, and talents in our many projects over the years. It has always been a great joy to perform and work with you in schools and in the recording studio.

To all of the individuals who have, over these many years, volunteered to serve on Troubadour’s Board of Directors and Advisory Board, THANK YOU. Your guidance, vision, and the generous donation of your time and talent have kept us strong. Judy and I are deeply grateful and will always treasure having had the opportunity to work with you and learn from you.

If you would like to share memories as an administrator, teacher, student, parent, artist, volunteer, or contributor, please let us know how Troubadour programs have inspired and influenced you. Please leave us a message on our Facebook page which will remain active until the end of June.

We encourage you to continue to support the integration of arts into school curriculum, and to support grass root arts organizations.

Victor Cockburn & Judith Steinbergh
Troubadour Co-Founders

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